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Faculty & Staff Contact Information

Christi Elliott-Earby Head of School
Talia Dow LC Assistant HOS
Judy Limor UC Assistant HOS
Ashley Witeczek LC Counselor
Ashley Church UC Counselor
Lisa Dibble Curriculum Coordinator
Sandra Daniel Language Coordinator
Zakia Funchess Data Coordinator
Miriam Young LC Receptionist
Pat Ferguson UC Receptionist
Jen Parker Facilities Administrator-LC
Tyler Goforth Facilities Administrator-UC
Susan Mellage Admissions Director
Denise Clayton-Purvis CFO
Patti Thornton Business Manager
Cleve Craddock Head UC Custodian
Luz Cortes UC Custodian
Bill Robinson Head LC Custodian
Robyn Giles LC Custodian
Nehemiah Sanders LC Custodian
Student Services  
Lindsay Reese LC School Nurse
Cherrie Morgan UC School Nurse
Martie Rodi LC Special Education
Christina Catinella LC Special Education
Patrice Gramby LC Spec Ed (TA)
Leeandra Darbouze LC Spec Ed (TA)
Heather Jacobsen LC EIP
Sabrina Manns LC EIP
Joan Marks ELL/EIP
Caitlin Roe UC EIP
Gisele Price UC Special Education
Fabienne Cotard UC Special Education
Whitley Shanklin UC Special Education TA
Chris Heffner UC Special Education
ECP Before & After School
Heidi Powell ECP Director
Cathy Clines ECP Assistant Director
Marcela Barreneche Spanish
Onice Ozorio (TA)
Jennifer Hogan English (Spanish Track)
Gwen Varino (TA)
Ying Liu Mandarin
Courtney Leonard (TA)
Christina Lane English (Mandarin Track)
Kris Critchley (TA)    
Nicole Tendon French
Genevieve Munganga (TA)
April Lambiotte English (French Track)
Jennifer Gordon (TA)
1st Grade  
Gelen Tarazona Spanish
Yazmin Cardona (TA)
Michelle Comstock English (Spanish Track)
Erica Relaford (TA)
Tutu Wang Mandarin
Zhou Xuan
Sharonta Johnson English (Mandarin Track)
Jackie Craft (TA)
Hibo Hassan French
Alexandre Desfougères (TA)
Kristin Rodgers English (French Track)
Jeanine Ndayaremwa (TA)
2nd Grade  
Javan Bukhaya Spanish
Gisela Ogando (TA)
Michael Sanders English (Spanish Track)
Helga Wang Mandarin
Yu Zhou (TA)
Monica Blade English (Mandarin Track)
Felix Godicheau French
Amelia Girard (TA)
Sarah Holmes English (French)
Sharitta Bowie (TA)
Sonia Emore (TA)
Dean Coppolino (TA)
3rd Grade  
Juliana Juhan Spanish
Jeicee Ozorio (TA)
Fatima Cooper English (Spanish Track)
Ji Shuai Mandarin
Li Yang (TA)
Mariah West English (Mandarin Track)
Amy Bingham French
Aissétou Camara (TA)
Dawn McCafferty English (French Track)
4th Grade    
Lina Marin Spanish
Claire Freedman English (Spanish Track)
Vivian Eckmann Mandarin
Erica Marsh English (Mandarin Track)
5th Grade    
Caitlin Roe French
Luzby Lopez Spanish
Mallory White English
Caitlin Roe French
Jessica Morgan English
Sobeyda Spivey (TA) Spanish
Yao Jiang Mandarin
Emmy Tsai (TA)
6th Grade    
Meghan Tolbert Language Arts
Marisha Gray Math
Amy Newman Social Studies
Malka Schwarzmer Science
Denise Clayton-Purvis Accelerated Math
Tanner Horton (TA)
7th Grade    
Meg Libowsky ELA
Linda Flynn Math/EIP
Jet'aime McKinney Social Studies/EIP
Zamani Smith Science
Candy Arizmendi (TA)
8th Grade    
Amanda Calvo ELA
Tamekia Morris Social Studies
Lois Hertz Math/IEP
Robert Brown Science
Middle School Language    
Maggie Hemingway Spanish
Glenda Paulsen Spanish
Magdanibles Reyes (TA)
Irene Kalala-Fulton French
Eileen Springs French
Mickaël Ngankori (TA)
Chris Corso LC PE
Peter Croffie (TA) LC PE
Shavonda Wright UC PE
Erik Moore UC PE
Marcus Tate-Greene (TA) UC PE
Meghan Cottrell LC Art
Tricia Patterson UC Art
Brian Gay Music K/1 & UC Band
Maggie Sherwood Music 2/3 & UC Chorus
Rebecca Mashburn Music 4/5 & UC Orchestra
Avis Herron LC Science
Mary Johnson LC Library
Jana Burrow LC Technology