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2019-2020 Volunteer Opportunities

At GLOBE, it truly takes a village.  Each family is asked  to volunteer 10 hours/year.  This 'people power' is vital to making our school the vibrant, incredible place we know and love.   

  • If you love International Fest - volunteer.
  • If you support the PTCC providing books and other materials for the classroom - we need you.
  • If you are thrilled we have a new science cart - join a fundraising team. If you would like to make our outdoor play spaces better - team up with the Facilities PAC.  
Volunteerism is truly the lifeblood of GLOBE.  Our school will not be the same without you lending a hand.  Have you volunteered lately?  Good for you! Thanks for giving of yourself for the good of our kids. 
Visit the PTCC portal to view and sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities.