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2017-18 Volunteer Opportunities

At GLOBE, it truly takes a village.  Each family is required by our charter to volunteer 10 hours/year.  But as a charter, far more 'people power' than that is vital to making our school the vibrant, incredible place we know and love.   If you love International Fest - volunteer.If you support the PTCC providing books and other materials for the classroom - we need you. If you are thrilled we have a new science cart - join a fundraising team.If you would like to make our outdoor play spaces better - team up with the Facilities PAC.  Volunteerism is truly the lifeblood of GLOBE.  Our school will not be the same without you lending a hand.  Have you volunteered lately?  Good for you! Thanks for giving of yourself for the good of our kids. 

Find out about any of our volunteer opportunities here!  

 Thanks for lending a hand!   Don't forget to LOG your volunteer hours - Soon this will be updated on our new PTCC website. Stay tuned!