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From Our Parents

We have been at GLOBE since the very beginning! It is amazing how the teachers at GLOBE are truly invested in every single kid. Their passion surpasses any I have ever seen, and each year I am so thankful. The GLOBE Academy has been a wonderful environment that has fostered meaningful friendships, a love for education, and learning of new cultures. Its sense of inclusion has always made me proud to be a part of The GLOBE community!

– Keyana McGlathery


Being bilingual parents, we are excited to have our 2nd grader join GLOBE Academy this year. We have already seen the advantages of the immersion program through our son’s improved ability and confidence to speak Mandarin. He comfortably speaks Mandarin with his grandparents and also with our friends on a recent trip. They were impressed by his Mandarin. We are thankful for the teachers who encourage him to speak in the classroom and we look forward to seeing more progress in the future. 


– Tan Family


The GLOBE Academy is different by design. GLOBE’s bold vision for a new curricular model focused on constructivist pedagogy and project-based learning coupled with the opportunity for proficiency in a second language is truly special. We’re continually inspired by the faculty’s intentionality and commitment to creating a community of globally minded learners. GLOBE has been an incredible experience for our family - we’ve witnessed our children’s confidence grow along with their cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of diversity. Because of GLOBE our children speak Mandarin together at home and initiate conversations with people they’ve only just met here in Atlanta and wherever we vacation together. We believe the ability to share a common language, and to actively participate in meaningful conversation is a gift that opens up the world for our children and ultimately brings all of us closer.  We’re grateful to GLOBE for this foundational educational experience.   


Ginger and Arkady Medovoy



Our family has been fortunate to be part of the GLOBE family since its inception in 2013. We were excited about the unique educational model GLOBE offered. Constructivism, small classes, not “teaching to the test”, and a K-8 program are what originally brought us to GLOBE.  The foreign language was just the icing on the cake.

Seven years later it is abundantly clear we made the best decision ever for our daughter.  Our student has thrived at GLOBE. Each year in this caring environment has enabled her to learn and grow in ways we couldn’t even have imagined back in 2013.  She has truly learned how to learn.   

Graduating and leaving GLOBE will be bittersweet but we take comfort in knowing our student is well prepared through her many experiences at GLOBE and we will always be part of the GLOBE family.

– Wendy Hennessey


There are so many wonderful things to say about The GLOBE Academy! Our four children attend the school and the first thing that comes to mind about our school community is how welcoming both the faculty and students are to new students. 

GLOBE provides high quality education, but there is so much more than excellent academics being taught here. The teachers give 100% of themselves, they know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual students needs. The curriculum also encourages independence as well as team learning experiences.

We also appreciate the excellent communication, including weekly school newsletters, and weekly class emails updates. The use of technology within the school successfully prepares students  for their future education and growth (students 4th grade and up have each their own chromebook).

The GLOBE Academy is a place where our children make great friends and memories while learning invaluable lessons of CREST (Community, Respect, Empathy, Sustainability, Trust) that will stay with them forever.

– Daphna Malka

As my kids have gotten older, I’ve become more and more thankful for GLOBE and our school community. My husband and I really feel like teachers, staff, and even other GLOBE parents have been our true partners on this ride called parenthood. Having such a strong and nurturing school community has been one of the great joys of our life in Atlanta. My children are smart, confident, curious, and happy (and fluent in Spanish to boot!) and I’m grateful for the strong foundation GLOBE has given them. 


Susan Mellage