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From Our Parents

Part of something special
Like many GLOBE parents, we wanted our children to have the opportunity to learn a second language. We walked into The GLOBE Academy with the hope that our daughter might someday be fluent in a foreign language. Instead, she is learning confidence, critical thinking, teamwork, creativity and, oh, Mandarin! While the language was what initially drew us to GLOBE, we have come to find so many other great benefits to this wonderful school. The teachers always find ways to keep the curriculum fun and exciting - even in a foreign language. The students work on group projects, make persuasive speeches to classmates and staff, study in their outdoor garden and learn about the world around them through author visits, cultural dances and many other unique experiences. GLOBE children know that they are a part of something special. I think that is why they love to come to school every day. -- Stephanie Dennard 

Confidence and Pride
This year we took our 2nd Grade daughter to Disney World for the first time. When she met the character Mulan she began speaking to her in perfect Chinese. Mulan was so taken by surprise she caught her breath, and my daughter was so proud she had tears in her eyes. We have never seen our child so proud of herself. It was such a rewarding moment in her third year at GLOBE and we look forward to many more. While we chose GLOBE primarily because of the dual-immersion language component, we have come to value the constructivist learning model and core values of GLOBE as well. We are not aware of any private or public schools that compete with the total package GLOBE offers. – Christina and Joe Lane

Proud of their heritage
People ask me if we considered having both our kids in a different language track than Spanish given that we speak it at home. My answer is no, because even if we speak it at home we wanted our kids to be completely bilingual, for them to write and read Spanish as native speakers. Now they're in their 3rd year at GLOBE and both of them write and read in Spanish better than I ever imagined they would at their age while living in a non-Spanish speaking country. Not only are they learning the language, but they have also been more exposed to their heritage at school. They feel very proud of their Venezuelan heritage now. They ask our family members who live in Venezuela to bring them books, clothes, and items about Venezuela. Just a month ago, my heart was full when I was able to hear some typical Venezuelan music played live at GLOBE. We’re raising global children and I cannot but love this fact. These are just a few of the great reasons why we love GLOBE! – Elizabeth Oliver

This is why we’re here
When we started at GLOBE someone asked me, "why are you here?" I told them, "I want my child to learn how to really think.” Three years later, my son's reaction to challenge is to bring it on; his reaction to conflict is to talk about it; his reaction to music is to dance and sing with his soul; his reaction to art is to notice details and connect with emotion; his reaction to language, math, science, and social studies is to ask questions with curiosity, truly understand the concept, and learn. My reaction: Thanks, GLOBE. This is why we're here. – Anita Patel

Imagine what lies ahead for them!

Wanting to expose them to democracy in action, I brought MengMeng (one of GLOBE’s fantastic Confucious Institute TAs), my 2nd Grader and Kindergartner, and one of their GLOBE friends to vote with me in the November election. At the polling place, we chatted with a volunteer who broke into Mandarin and had a conversation with the kids and MengMeng. The conversation went on for 10 minutes. Everyone involved understood exactly what was being said and MengMeng verified how well the children were able to express themselves. The volunteer expressed his gratitude to the group for being able to practice his Mandarin, and the children were so proud to be involved in such a great experience. GLOBE has provided such a rich education for my children.  Imagine what lies ahead for them! -- Alison Mueller

Came for class size, stayed for so much more
Three years ago we chose GLOBE for the low student/teacher ratios, language immersion, and middle school alternative. We stay at GLOBE because of the amazing teachers, cultural awareness and diversity, individualized instruction, and the warm, close-knit parent and teacher community. -- Michelle and Brandt Hudson

 "Where do you go to school?"
A few weeks ago we were at the grocery store after school, and the cashier asked my son what grade he was in.  Without hesitation he answered in Mandarin:  his name, age, and grade.  The cashier looked confused. My son laughed and said, "I told you in Mandarin."  The cashier was so impressed, that he called the manager and other associates over so that my son could say it over and over.  He then asked what school did my son attend. "The GLOBE Academy!" my son said. "I love it! We are just one big family!"  -- Keyana McGlathery 


FaceTime with Grandparents
I had always struggled to expose my children to a Mandarin-speaking environment. They are thriving at GLOBE because the instructions are meaningful and relevant. After only a year of my oldest being at GLOBE, she can FaceTime in Mandarin with her grandparents in Taiwan. I believe the constructivist and student-centered approach to learning is what makes GLOBE the most unique. – Vivian Liu Eckmann

Wanting more than her kids to do “well” and be “fine”
I was discussing GLOBE with a friend and mentioned how happy I am with the school and that my girls are thriving. The friend mentioned that my girls would do "well" and be "fine" at the traditional schools in our area. But after my daughter came home excited to show her dad Winter Wonderland in sign-language, discussed the passing of Nelson Mandela and recited (as best she could) a quote from him, counted to 10 in Mandarin to her Mandarin-speaking grandmother, and is actually interested in reading a book that she got at the book fair – all within a week – I realized that I don't want her (and my other daughters) to do "well" and be "fine." I want them to THRIVE and LOVE the process of learning. I want to provide for them an awesome and exciting (while still challenging) learning environment. I want them to embrace differences and diversity and TRULY become a GLOBAL citizen. With GLOBE, I can find that environment and provide that for them. – Nikki Walker