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Administration » A/B Schedule for First and Second Grades

A/B Schedule for First and Second Grades

GLOBE Academy’s first grade and second grade are following an A/B schedule as of the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. This new schedule replaces the half day model for dual language immersion.   


The decision to change to an A/B schedule follows years of gathering feedback from parents, students and teachers on the limitations of a half day model. Impacting factors included multiple transitions, limited instructional blocks, limited vocabulary for Math and Science content areas, limited exposure and practice in the language, and imbalance in instructional time between groups.


In the A/B day model, or every other day, English and the Second Language cover all content areas together as a team. According to research on language transfer [1][2], common exposure to content knowledge provides contextualization for students, thereby supporting the positive transfer of languages. In A/B days, students have context for their learning, and knowledge is extended and built upon each day, as students move through the curriculum in both languages.


We have seen great progress in students making connections in their learning within the framework of the A/B model, as well as in the application of content knowledge in class inquiry, discussions, and problem solving. Student language proficiency has been positively impacted, as students have the opportunity to practice the language and have more quality exposure to content area knowledge in full literacy blocks.







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