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The FACE Foundation (French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts) in conjunction with the French Embassy in the United States awards GLOBE a French Dual Language Grant!

GLOBE’s dual language program follows the Georgia Standards of Excellence on grade level in four languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, and French. GLOBE’s comprehensive model teaches "Number Sense" in the target languages. At GLOBE, language is a vessel through which grade level content is taught. GLOBE students use the foreign language to have accountable debates and critical discussions.

The FACE Foundation (French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts) in conjunction with the French Embassy in the United States has collaborated with the GLOBE Academy to support this mission by awarding GLOBE the French Dual Language Grant. With the FACE Grant funding, GLOBE was able to offer French teachers Number Talks training from Metro Resa’s Specialists Denise Huddleston and Carla Bidwell, as well as Number Talks’ author Sherry Parrish. Number talks is a 5 to 15 min routine strategy session where students build and improve their mental math skills and computation. Through this professional learning segment, teachers practice strategies to help students develop numerical reasoning and number fluency in the target language using number talks. 

Like GLOBE students, GLOBE teachers need progressive teaching strategies presented in a stimulating, cooperative, and engaging way, where they can actively practice new skills. Denise Huddleston, Carla Bidwell, and Sherry Parrish truly understood GLOBE’s teachers’ need for energizing professional learning through a trainer as a facilitator approach.

 Felix Godicheu, Second Grade French, reflected on the importance of mathematical reasoning in Number Talks : « La discussion mathématique c’est très important pour le raisonnement dans la langue. Les étudiants s’expriment leur raisonnement et moi je comprends mieux les erreurs ; donc, je les aide avec leur raisonnement.» (Mathematical discussions are very important to students’ reasoning in the language. Students express their reasoning (when problem solving), and I can better understand (their) errors; then I help them with their reasoning)

Teachers who attended the Number Talks training acted as mentor teachers to lead professional development for their grade level team and share strategies. Each mentor teacher prepared number sets to practice and led their team in practicing hands-on learning and teaching strategies.

 A special thank you to Metro Resa for providing us with this unique, professional learning experience. Thank you to the FACE Foundation and the French Embassy in the United States for helping us further support our students in thinking and reasoning in the foreign language. GLOBE Number Talks mentor teachers did an amazing job preparing their materials for teacher training and passing along math strategies.