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Blast Off! Sixth Graders at Space Camp

.....via simulation at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. After months of fundraising, planning, and coordination, a team of GLOBE staff and teachers, as well as 8 parent volunteers, joined approximately 94 GLOBE students on their cosmic journeys.

During three full days of the program, students experienced simulations, planned space missions, and launched model rockets. Judy Limor, Upper Campus Assistant Head of School, described how counselors at Space Camp divide the students into teams that work together to plan and execute a space mission, complete with pilot commander scripts and team member duties. Not only are these simulations fun, they challenge students to apply what they are learning about Earth, space, and science. For example, during the missions, counselors would toss out curve balls, like “your booster didn’t ignite,” and students would have to think fast and rely on their collaboration as a team to problem solve.

“Students had a blast,” Limor said, “and they were so engaged.” Because there’s something for everyone, students have a hands-on, deeply engaging experience that brings the curriculum to life while gaining a better understanding of the planets, perspectives on the history of the world, and concepts of space. Counselors at Space Camp tell campers that they are part of a generation that will end up on Mars; we are excited for them to take their GLOBE learning with them to outer space or on whatever mission they choose to accept!

We’d like to acknowledge and offer a special thank you to the following parent volunteers who joined the group at Space Camp: Gustavo Aquino, Brendon Barclay, Jaime Blandino, Cedrick Bostic, Elise Douglas, Derek Hodge, Kelly Kline, David Sanders, and Elizabeth Washburn.

Written by Ashley Holmes