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GLOBE hosts the Dual Language Immersion in a Day Conference!

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela
At GLOBE we believe in social-emotional learning integrated with foreign language and content. 
This past weekend, Saturday January 27th, GLOBE was honored to inaugurate the Dual Language Immersion (DLI) in a Day Conference, where many hearts and passions were spoken to in their own languages.
There are currently 48 DLI schools in Georgia and GLOBE was chosen out of these schools to host this important conference. DLI in a Day is a way for teachers to collaborate, learn, be inspired, and share ideas and resources. Since 2013, Georgia has seen almost 300% growth in DLI schools. DLI is relatively new in the nation, and in Mr. Wallace's words (Program Specialist of World Languages and Workforce Initiatives at the GaDOE), we are all "pioneers" in this new educational revolution.
At GLOBE, we believe in sharing strategies and inspiring others to greatness by working together. No success is possible without collaboration, and we are so thankful to all of the attendees that helped and shared with us this during the conference. TWELVE members of our faculty were chosen to present, learn from others' participation, and share with our partners in DLI:
Sharitta Bowie
Sandra Daniel
Vivian Eckmann
Christi Elliott-Earby
Minshu Huang
Lina Marin
Erica Marsh
Maxime Richard
Caitlin Roe
Ji Shuai
Tutu Wang
Kim Zie
Some of the sessions included: Visual Supports for Teaching Chinese by Ms. Tutu Wang, 1st Grade Mandarin; Bringing the Read-Aloud to Life by Caitlin Roe, 4th/5th Grade French; and Dual Language Immersion Collaboration and Student Support by Erica Marsh, 4th Grade ELA Mandarin/French Team Leader.
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL PROGRAM and the topics lead by many of our amazing staff!
We are so proud of our school and group of educators that know DLI success is a product of collaboration and passion and are working so hard to provide the best education possible to our students. GO GLOBE!