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Taking Learning to New Heights: Art & Atmosphere on Stone Mountain

As part of a lesson on atmospheric perspective, art teacher Ms.Patterson designed an interactive project that progressed from classroom-based learning of visual arts and science concepts to real world practice through a field trip to Stone Mountain.

The assignment began with students designing landscape postcards. They used watercolor wash and construction paper silhouettes in order to learn basic watercolor technique, how to add depth, and how to translate a sketch to a paper cut out. This cross-curricular project connected art techniques with concepts from physical science, such as distance, air quality, dust, and cloud formation.

According to Ms. Patterson, the class took the field trip to Stone Mountain after they finished the postcard assignment, as they were entering into a new drawing unit. “The kids used some of the techniques we have been learning and applied them to the rules of atmospheric perspective to create landscape drawings,” she explained.

Not only did students have fun on the field trip, they got to experience part of The GLOBE Academy’s mission first-hand. Guided by learning theories of constructivism, this atmospheric perspective art project asked students to take an active role in their learning and provided a real world opportunity to apply cross-curricular concepts. Thanks to Ms. Patterson for making learning hands-on, interactive, and fun for GLOBE students!


Written by Ashley Holmes