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World Cultures Celebrated at International Fest


Sipping coconuts, wearing henna art, and dancing to African drumming were just a few of the ways GLOBE Academy families celebrated world cultures, food, and traditions at the International Fest on Saturday, September 23rd. Dishes from around the world filled the international potluck buffet table, while sounds from the Indian, African, Thai, and bluegrass music and dance performances echoed through the school’s halls.

While GLOBE students enjoyed making Korean bookmarks and painting murals, parents got involved, too--asking for their faces to be painted and dressing up in the photo booth along with their kids. As Azalia Boyd, one of the coordinators of the event, said: “That’s what you call a family friendly event. Everyone brought such great energy!”

It’s events like the International Fest that remind us how special the GLOBE community is. “I feel so proud and lucky to belong to this school that not only celebrates diversity but also promotes inclusion,” said event coordinator Rina Kesler; “our differences are our strength, and we can not only live in peace but also have lots of fun with it!”

Thank you to the many parent and family volunteers for this event; special thanks to Azalia Boyd and Rina Kesler for coordinating International Fest and to the following people who helped make the event such a success:

Zeina Reichardt

our lead food coordinator and chef!

Camille Dorsey

our set up and clean up coordinator!

Paulina Hawkins and Monique Parks

for welcoming all those faces and keeping the volunteers happy and hydrated!

Joyce McDole

for putting together a beautiful and creative photo booth!

James Bratton

for keeping the crowd engaged as the MC!

Maru Remy

for designing the flyers with style!

Mila Konomos

for presenting Korean bookmarks for the children to participate in!

Lucrecia Vizcaino Cabarrus

for getting the coconuts and the international fruit table!

Eddie Kesler and Cameron Horne

for your musical talent and time as well as set up!

Dayan Jacobs

for designing the May Pole as beautifully as it was!

Stephanie Lalaonde

for helping with the beautiful decorations and the European Mural


Written By Ashley Holmes