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Dual-Language Immersion

The GLOBE Academy is a dual-language immersion school which means that half of a student's instruction time is in English and half is in a foreign language. Children are assigned to a homeroom with other classmates and have a "partner" class. In Grades K-2 children spend half the school day in their English classroom with a teacher who speaks English and then switch with their partner class, spending the remainder of the day in their Language classroom with a teacher who speaks in another language. In Grades 3-5, children spend the entire day in English or the foreign language and switch every other day.
GLOBE offers three language tracks: French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Upon enrollment, a student is assigned to a language track and stays in that language track throughout their time at GLOBE. Families who speak the foreign language at home or children who have attended a language immersion preschool are considered heritage speakers and can continue in that language.
In middle school, the dual-language immersion model ends. Students switch classes for all subjects, taking a high-level language course for high school credit. In 8th Grade students can take the AP course of their language and receive college credit. 
In addition to learning another language, our students are introduced to life in other countries through regular interaction with teachers, parents, and community members from other cultures, as well as school-wide cultural celebrations and service-learning projects.
A note for students in 5th and 6th grade in the 2016-17 school year: These two grade levels of students have received a 20% immersion model (essentially a language course each day) since GLOBE opened in 2013. These students will continue with the 20% immersion while at GLOBE. This is only true for these specific groups of children. All younger grades participate in the 50/50 model in Kindergarten - 5th Grade.