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GLOBE students' art SHINES at GLOBE Gallery!

Last Thursday, GLOBE's wonderful art teachers Mrs. Cottrell and Ms. Gill put together our 3rd annual GLOBE Gallery Night! The hard work of every GLOBE student and some of their fabulous art created throughout the year was on display for all to see!

New this year, all GLOBE students and parents were invited to participate in our inaugural GLOBE photography contest! Photography is a way to encourage students and their families to explore the world through the lens of a camera and our student and parent body did not disappoint! First through third place winners were chosen for each category (Natural World, People and Creative)!

Among the fabulous works of art were the Fourth graders advertisement projects. These students put their art and design skills to the test to create ads to help solve problems around the school and encourage more CREST like behavior.

Additionally, third graders learned how to create Aztec Metal Artwork, 6th graders created 3-D art collages inspired by their passions and 5th graders individually planned their artwork inspired by modern and contemporary black artists - just a small snapshot of some of the amazingly unique projects!

Our fabulous art teachers take every opportunity to teach GLOBE students about various cultures and world events and then encourage them to display their feelings and opinions on these matters by creating their own original works of art. Each grade created beautiful and thought-provoking artwork, representing every region of our world, and it was a fabulous night! GO GLOBE!