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GLOBE Sixth grade visits JA Biztown!

During this unit, students learned about the Circular Flow of an Economy, Code of Ethics, Free Enterprise, Economic Freedoms, Public Goods and Services, Financial Services, Savings Plans, Interest, Checking Accounts, Using a Debit/Credit Card, Career Goals, Elections, Applying for a job (resume and interview skills), Business Costs, and Setting Prices! Students even campaigned and ran for Mayor, Tax Commissioner, Safety Officer, and City Manager! This incredible unit culminated in an exciting JA Biztown visit!

Students traveled to the JA Biztown location at the Georgia World Conference Center and participated in a day long event of applying their skills. They were all assigned jobs and worked for companies such as Bank of America, Chik fil A, the Falcons, Delta, AIG, and many more. Students had jobs they were expected to do, were allowed to open a checking account and were given a debit card to spend the money they earned. Each had to analyze their businesses at a staff meeting and make decisions to improve their business model.

At the end of the day, awards were given and the CEO of each company gave a rundown of their business's successes and failures. It was a great experience and the kids LOVED IT! Thank you JA Biztown, and Ms. Newman, 6th grade Science for this amazing experience and GO GLOBE!